Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Positiva and negative results of same action

Positiva and negative results of  same  action

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 (At least fifteen  people have posted it in the face  book   as their contribution, Whom to thank?)

இட்டுக் கெட்டது காது*
*இடாது கெட்டது கண்*
*கேட்டுக் கெட்டது குடி*
*கேளாது கெட்டது கடன்*
*பார்த்துக் கெட்டது பிள்ளை*
*பாராமல் கெட்டது பயிர்*
*உண்டுக் கெட்டது வயிறு*
*உண்ணாமல் கெட்டது உறவு*

By putting  the ear  called  spoiled
By not putting the eye got spoiled
By asking   a family  got spoiled
By not asking the koan got spoiled
By   seeing  the children got spoiled
By not seeing   the crop got spoiled,
By   eating the stomach called   spoiled.
By not eating relations got spoiled


By  inserting  a twig, ears  got spoiled,
By not putting  Kajal eye called spoiled,
By  hearing  and obeying gossip, the home got spoiled
By not asking frequently loan  would never be repaid
By seeing affection and not correcting children get spoiled,
By not seeing often the   crop got spoiled
By eating too muchstomach got spoiled
By not eaing in their homes  , relation got  spoiled

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