Saturday, June 16, 2018

A father writes to his children and their reply

A father  writes  to his children and their reply –Happy father’s day

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Father  said:-
A son is   an ocean of affection  ,
Who would love me   like himself ,
He is  like  an antique   treasure  ,
Filled    with sense  of duty   and 
Ambition to excel,  and he would be busy,
In  digging   further  and further  to make it shine,
He   is like   a modern sweet shop  ,
Wanting to distribute  it   to  me and his ma,
AS also   his  own wife and children.

Father   said:-
A daughter   is  a   ocean of affection,
Filled   with  joy , laughter  and  playfulness,
She is like   an antique   treasure,
Filled    with happy  memories  ,
That  make  you  laugh  out loud,
She is like   a modern sweet   shop ,
Whose  sweets   are delightful  and great ,
And  whose shelves   never  gets exhausted,

And the daughter   replied:-

A father  too  is an ocean of affection,
Which he hides  deep in his   heart,
And acts    as if he   has to be strict with you,
A father   too  is an  antique   treasure,
Filled with  dreams , pains   and wounds ,
Which should    never make him shed a tear,
A father  too   is   a modern sweet shop,
From which he    daily feeds  his daughter,
Though he never   eats a single piece any day,
Bul feels elated  in  joy  due to  his daughter’s eating them.

And the son replied
A father   too is an ocean of affection,
Who looks   very serious    and angry,
Always   thinking    about his son’s future ,
A father   too is an antique   treasure ,
Which is buried    deep in  his mind ,
And  to find it  i have  to dig really deep,
A  father  too is a modern   sweet shop,
Which is stocked   with sweets  and savouries,
That  me, his dear   son likes and  is normally,
Covered   with tears that makes it glitter ,
Of his   and   his  companions   tears 

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