Saturday, June 30, 2018

When the schools reopened fifty years back

When the  schools  reopened  fifty  years back

Translated  from Malayalam

1.No one used to wear new dress  , pant, and coat
2.90%  schools never  had uniform
3.Boys  used toi wear  Dhothi and shirt  and girls used to wear Petticoat  and Blouse
4.The boy wearing pants   used to be teased  as “number  eleven”
5.There  were no school bags of the present type  as any bag was Okay
6.Slate  and pencilin primary classes  , note book and pencil up to seventh standard and pen afterwards
7.Some children of rich families  used to carry  an aluminium box for high school
8.Some children of middle class families  used to carry a  plastic box
9.Once a  new text book is purchased  , it would be inherited by   younger brothers or sold to neighbouring children at   half the price
10.Umbrellas   were made by thick cotton cloth   and  children used to share it
11.There  were  no bus to school  and in towns  rich children used  to travel  in rickshaw  to school
12,Most of the children used to walk long distances  to school

      IN spite of such difficult  surroundings,  all the children   were blessed with

        Human values ,
                love and affecion to each other
                                    And capacity to do hard work

Possibly the  new generation may not like it  , make fun of it and laugh  at it.

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