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An old man with a burden and Maha Periyava

An old man with a burden and Maha  Periyava


(Based on an article by Sri P.Ramakrishnan in Kumudam Bhakthi .My  gratitude ,
To the magazine and the author,When I have a  burden in my life , I know what to do?)

There was   a lower middle class   very  aged ,
Householder living  in a village near  kanchipuram town,
The burden of day     to day  life   was making him sink,
And one day   a   close friend of    his told him.

“I know you are sad , sorrowing and feel    bad about everything,
I have a suggestion, Go to Kanchi  , go to Kama Koti Matam  ,
And meet  the great sage   called  Maha  Periyava   there,
People say he is very wise , possibly , he may help you.”

The aged  householder  , who had never   heard of Maha Periyava ,
Reached the Matam , one day early morning  and he saw  that,
That very large  number of people  were   waiting    to see Maha Periyava ,
And so , he decided to wait for him   in the courtyard , till crowd thins down.

That day Maha periyava  instead of his usual route   suddenly  ,
Went out of his room   to the courtyard and saw  the old man waiting there.
And the old man thought   he  was yet another  old man ,
Went near him and asked, “Are you also waiting  to see the Swami?”

Maha periyava did not reply    and asked   him ,why he   wanted,
To meet that Swami     and the old man replied” I am already old,
And has been carrying   this burden of the family  for a long time,
I am tired  and I wanted   to ask the Swami , what to do?”

Maha Periyava   smiled   and told him ,” Okay . you are   carrying the burden,
Can you not keep it down for some time and  later   take it again?”
The old man did not understand  and that mischievous  Periyava ,
Continued  “I am sure    you did not understand and I will  explain.”

“Suppose  you are carrying a burden  and going to some place ,
When you reach the station , you engage   a porter to keep it in train,
And even in train , you do not keep it on your head and train carries it.
And I am asking you   entrust your burden to God   for some time and take rest.”

“Like you believe  in the porter    and the train  , believe  in that God ,
And the weight of  your burden would reduce  and you will feel Good.”
The Old man  cried and told  Maha Periyava , “I will do it  from now on”
Since  you have    solved  my problem , I am going back without seeing Periyava .”

“Oh   by  the way  , I need a help from you .I am  sure that  in spite,
Of your old age  ,  you would see  that Periyava  and when you do  ,
Please  tell him that  you have solved  my problem and please ,
Give  a few flowers  and two Bananas   that I have brought to give him”

Maha  Periyava  nodded  his head   accepted  the flowers  and fruits,
And told him, “I am the Periyava   whom    you have come    to see ,
Day and night  I have been acting   as a  porter   to all these  people,
And carry  all their burdens and my burden is always  carried by God.”

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