Saturday, June 9, 2018

PG hostels for senior citizens with guaranteed income

PG hostels  for senior   citizens   with guaranteed income


        Quite a  very good percentage   of the senior   citizens  living alone in  cities of  South India  belong to the upper  middle class  with assured  income .Even if  they fall ill   and  need to spend lot of money , most  of them have   children who are  willing to spend for them but not keep them with  them. AS long as  the elderly couple can cook   for themselves   and  are physically   active , there seems to be no problem .
     Once they feel they   would not be able to cook for themselves  , they are  forced   to shift   to old age homes  or  communities  of senior   citizens . Both  these  are usually  located far off   from the city centre, with  emergenvy medical treatment difficult to get . In towns like Chennai, Mumbai and Coimbatore   there  are many  cooking  and catering agents   who supply , the main   and  side dishes   as well as curd . If these   are available   the senior citizens  prefer to stay where   they are.
     They are   extremely reluctant   to go and some  god forsaken corner   with     all facilities .In the locality that  I stay in Bangalore  in a radius of one km   from my house   there  are  at least 100 PG  (Paying guest  hostels)  separately  for   men and women separately . The per head charge  for stay and food in these  places  is around 10000-15000 per head  .  I  had always felt  that  if   some of these   PG houses can be  diverted  to  senior citizens alone  , they would be happy  . I am telling this because

1.In spite of all  problems they need   not go away  to a different city
2.They    would get   food  at proper   times.
3.Some financial guarantee  might  be required but can be provided  by them

                              What is your  opinion?

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