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Ten Commandments to those budding adults by Sujatha

Ten Commandments to those  budding  adults  by Sujatha


Translated from Tamil by

(introduction by author. I
 It is easy    to advice    and very difficult to follow and every day one person will advice,
If only  all  the advice books and commandments  have  been followed  from time immemorial,
Then the world would  not have any bad, or   dishonest people and would have become heaven,
This  is aimed at  adults from sixteen  to nineteen , with no hope that they wil follow)

1.Believe in any   one thing    firmly ,
As firm as ship  lying   on anchor,
It could be God , nature  , effort  etc,
But once decided  do not question it

2 Perform jobs   requested  by parents,
It may be boring but it would not be impossible,
They would not ask you to cross  seven seas,
But may ask you  to go to a nearby shop   and get table salt.

3.Never    sea   the matinee   show   of a picture,
While attending classes  , you may get head ache,
You may without forgetting tell a lie  at home,
And you would not be wasting your youth in a queue.

4. Every day  read at least four pages   of general knowledge,
PLease understand   that General knowledge   does not  deal,
With Cinema or love  and these  four pages   could be from,
A honest newspaper  or a   good book from Library.

5.Try to earn   at least  rupees   hundred  in a honest manner,
And this would help you  in demanding  honestly  ,
From your parents, brother , husband  or wife ,
Three  r thousand rupees to by a shirt   or  Chudidhar

6.,If you are   reading  what is written here , you are ,
One of those   belonging   to the top two percent  of India,
And please at least once a day   think about that vast majority ,
Who do not read, write  and struggle and starve

7.Avoid    anything to do    with love  on Sundays , because ,
Love is very expensive and is a fire   that would burn you ,
Slowly and slowly and please understand  , picking a kerchief,
Writing a poem to a girl   and winking at them is not love

8.Do some excercise daily  , like running   round the ground,
Eight times  , which would lessen bad vulgar thoughts in you,
Make you eat properly , In  general  keep you   happy  ,
Make you sleep well and make you not hurt any one.

9.REtun back home by nine pm  , for by that time ,
Silly TV programmes would be over,  children ,
Would have slept and you can   read your lessons  ,
And write once  what you read but never stay in other’s house  at h night

10. Before you sleep   make is a point  to talk  at least,
Ten minutes with parents siblings about any subject  ,
Which is important or not important  , laugh with them,
Hear what they have to say  , plan for the morrow.

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