Saturday, June 23, 2018

Grandpa’s home Heaven of love or Hell of silence ?

Grandpa’s home  Heaven of love  or Hell of silence  ?

My mind  goes  back   to the   time  , when my children,
Had gone   to their    grand  parents   home for a holiday ,
Though their  grand parents   were as old  as we  are now at that time ,
They would jump    with joy  because  the children have come .

The thatha who had   stopped   going to market   to old age ,
Would have   gone    to the market   the  previous   day,
And would have  purchased   things   after  things after things,
Recollecting Nanu likes this, Rammu likes this  , meeru likes this  and so on

The old lady  who had lost all  her teeth  long back, and  had stopped,
Eating sweets  due to diabetes  and was finding difficult   to stand,
Would have  been busy  in her kitchen making sweets  and savouries,
One after  another   again and again , sitting  on the  kitchen platform

The children too   would    rush and run in to    their   thatha –patti house ,
As if   it was a heaven  of love and    would hug their grandparents   tightly,
And tell them, “Patti , have  you made Jamun?”  , Hey thatha,
Did you take out   the cricket   set  from the attic and kept them clean?”

The youngest   two year  too knew   that   he has reached his heaven,
And would rush to his room  , Take a paint brush and the paint the walls ,
Ofcourse  with water  kept ready by Thatha   and start    writing   sweet nothings,
On the walls  by a  huge pencil   without lead   and  drag  his patti  to see it all.

Times  have changed, in spite  of knowing   that  my  own tiny tots are coming,
I  would be sitting  with my  lap top , and my wife  would  not have  made any thing,
But sent her servant   to buy   some useless   sweets   which the  children ,
Would not even touch    and was  busy   with her Narayaneeyam classes.

AS soon as the   taxi comes  to the house  ,  as per  the orders  of their parents,
Each child  would hug us,  their  grand parents  in western style and say an emotion less  “hi”,
And then become   busy with  their cell phones, tabs    and lap tops,
And  after   two minutes  the grand patents  home  would again be a hell of silence

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