Monday, June 11, 2018

Is life a paradox?

Is life  a paradox?

So called  P.R.Ramachander

(I read a  tamil poem posted  by my friend and these words flowed  from me. When I   am not  real  and there  is nothing  to flow, can you call it a paradox?)

I do not know , why I came,
I do not know  ,why I grew up,
I do not know, wgy I am living
I   do not know  , where I am reach,
I do not know, at  what time I will reach,
Oh  God , I do not know  the  distance  that i have to travel

Oh  trinity  of  great Gods ,
Destroy my pride,
Create  good  character in me ,
And nurture me as a good human being

Why  “me”  and “my” , when everything is you,
When I  own nothing , what can be  mine
When I am not forever, how can  i desire  to live,
Oh God , when I am not able to see  you , why am I  asking you?

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