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The tweet of Lord Vishnu to the common man

The tweet   of Lord  Vishnu   to the common man


(I got this idea   after reading a  Tamil article by  my Scholar friend  Sri J.K.Sivan .I adopted the idea    and  slightly  modified the contents. Namaskaram my friend)

One day   in his  native place   Vaikunta .
Which some say should have been Goloka,
Lord Vishnu  was    taking   his needed  rest,
AS his three wives were   chitchatting  about nothing.

At that time   the sage Narada  , well known ,
For his seeing   negative aspects   of things ,
Came before  the great Lord , who asked him,
“You appear  tired, where from are  you coming?’

Narada  in a very pensive  mood   told the lord,
“I am coming   from Bharatha , your own land,
And I am feeling sad   that I went there “
And the Lord smiled , “Okay Narada  , let me hear.”

“All  devotees   believe   that you are  inside temples,
In some you are standing, some sitting and some lying down.
But  unfortunately  , you have been sold   for a good price,
 In most places and you have been replaced with some imposter.”

“Most of your temples   are   deserted    and barren  ,
Except for the starving , neglected   and poor priest.
But   there are a  few temples   , where  the crowd is so much.
That even to have  just a  glance of so called  you  it is difficult”

Lord Vishnu   asked  the sage  “How come ? “ and Narada  replied,
“To see you in such temples   there   is a very huge   queue,
And if  one is   sufficiently rich or if  one    is politically powerful,
He  need not stand in the queue    and  can reach  you in a jiffy.”

The Lord asked, “I am sure   those people   are like that  because ,
They are  my devotees” but Narada  smiled    and said the lord,
“Most of your great devotees   are so poor, that  theywould not ,
Even be allowed  to see   your temple    standing  outside.”

Narada  continued  “ Oh my lord  ,  Things are still worse ,
There  are very many  clever , intelligent people   created by you ,
Who wear   ochre  robes   and tell  every one that they are Gods ,
And   before   their  homes  also bigger  queues  than temple are  there.”

Narada continued”  There   are also people   dressed   as if they are great,
And tell you poor illiterate   devotees that  you do not  understand ,
The language  of the poor illiterate   and if they   want any thing from you,
They   have to pay money to the learned, so that they will talk with you.”

The lord became   sad   and asked sage Narada  , “How do I”
“Communicate with my devotees” and Narada  replied,
“You can tweet, you can put in face book   or you can,
Send a message in Instagram or address them in Skype”

Though the great Lord    was   supposed   to know everything,
“He was greatly confused  and after enquiry   decided to tweet ,
He wrote “My dear   children  , I am Krishna  who fulfils your desires,
 I do not have a form and assume   any form that   you can think of .”

“Suppose  you want to talk to me, pray  me , ask  for my blessings,
All  that  you have to do is to   firmly  believe  that  you are talking  to me,
Worship me in your mind  and  do some good    to any being  on earth,
AS I am  each and   every one  of them, and I would   give all  that you ask.”

“Please  know  that  I have  never  asked  you to  go   to any of  my temples,
AS   each and every  nook    and corner  of the world , I am there  to help you,
Please  also understand   that I understand all languages  including  ,
That  of  the  dumb , deaf  , fool , mad  man , beggar   and great  saint”

“Suppose   you need to talk to me , Simply start   talking   to me ,
The way  that  you normally   do  and I would   definitely hear  you.
Please also understand   that  I do not  love   to wear  golden ornaments,
And I cry   when I see   you  people   are  being cheated by  the merchants of Religion.

“ I hate  those   who pay  bribe   to see me , Take it from me,
I will never bless them   but   always   curse  them, and please know,
That  a person  cannot become me   by  putting ochre   robes ,
And   showing you  magical feats   which you think are miracles”

“ Oh my people , I have taught you   in my Gita   that   each and every,
One of you is myself and   that  any one   who makes  money in my name,
And cheating and troubling you are    great asuras and so please ignore them”
Written by one   whom  you have  not still understood.

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