Tuesday, June 12, 2018

My journey of stotra translation

My  journey  of  stotra   translation

     I  retired  in the    year  2002.  I went  to visit my   son  in California .A strange  idea  of translating well known stotras  in to english   had taken shape in me by then. Within three  months of my stay  I translated 41   stotras  and my daughter in law    opened a   web site  for me   and  I did put   my translations there. Some how I was not satisfied   and after  my return Celextel   a commercial   company in Madras  dealing with religious  materials    agreed   to put all that  I translate  in their web site. I owe a lot to Sri Lakshmanan, the owner  of the company.I kept myself   extremely busy and till   2008 , I had  translated  400  stotras. The Rajaji nagar  BHaktha Samaj   loaded   these  four hundred  translations in to  a CD  and   gave it freely to all those   who attended   their Sastha  preethi(they have it on April 15th)   and  called  me and introduced   to their members  , I sent a copy of the CD to Swami  Jayendra  Saraswathi    at that  time  the peetathipathi  of Kanchi Kamakoti peetam. He was gracious   enough   to bless  me(letter  enclosed) , In the last  ten years   I had translated    three  Ramayanas , atleast  5 huge  books, about   2000   stotras and about 2500  Carnatic music Krithis . I am getting old   but  the fanatic  enthusiasm   which is a hallmark  in me  has not  faded Today  while searching for   some old papers  , I came across   the letter of the Acharya  blessing me . I  suddenly felt   that  , I should  inform through you  my anntha  koti namaskarams   to the departed  Acharya  and also thank   each and evety one of you including Sri Lakshmanan  of Celextel  for everything  that i have done  is due to your encouragement

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