Friday, June 8, 2018

If possible have a daily small prayer schedule –A humble request

If possible have a daily   small prayer  schedule –A humble request


I  once belonged to Kerala . When i remember  my boyhood  , what  comes first to my mind  is our extreme poverty   and great  devotion to God .Every day  visiting  the local temple  after morning bath   and  do “Namam chollal “ in the dusk of every day  was  our chosen duty .During those days   this was done by all Hindus   and people from all  economic strata  or from different political parties  
“Namam Chollal”    was an extremely simple affair. All  of us use to assemble before   the lamp after  it was lighted by mother. Then all of us together  used to chant the names of God . Slightly grown up kids used to chant   slokams praising God .It was a ten minutes affair    and made each one of us  love God  and have faith in him,
  When I request  kids or even grown up persons to chant the prayers   they say they do not have time . So  I wanted  to  devise  a simple prayer schedule for each day of the week. Essentially what I have devised  is this:-

1,One verse  praying   to the planet of the day.
2.Gayathri  of that planet
3.One verse  praying   to  the God  of the day
4.Gayatri  of that God
5.Mangala Slokam  of that God

      I have a firm belief that  , when you pray , you have to understand   what you are telling  and so for each of the five  verses  I have given  meaning .

   Since I can type only in english  , all material is in english .Humble request to all my friends .What I have done is a very simple procedure .Please  choose  the five prayer verses that  you want to tell each day   , write it in a language   which can be read  by all  your family members   and chant it together(if possible)  before breakfast or before  dinner or before  sleep, I believe that  if you can do it , then slowly  the faith in God   would come back   and all of you  would start  living  with contentment and  joy
   I  have posted the prayers for Friday yesterday   and would be posting prayer for Saturday today.

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