Saturday, June 2, 2018

Good is always tortured to become the best

Good  is always tortured   to become  the best
       (Please  do not  end your life)


(Many  and many of my friends   have  written this story  in Tamil  without mentioning  the original author.Thanks to all of them)

One day  , walking   through a  thick forest  ,.
A sage  noticed   that a man  was   trying   to.
Hang himself     on a tree   and  die  and the saint ,
Prevented him  and asked”Why son?

He said, “I  always   faced   defeat  in this world,
I was born poor, and I did not how    to earn money,
I was unfortunately honest , People deceived  me  ,
Paid me less  , paid me late  and we all   starved”

 “I  am poor  but  poverty  is definitely  not a crime,
Though I work hard, I face only  sorrow  and sufferings  ,
In this life and so I thought  , I would   end this life,
But unfortunately  you   have  stopped me, Oh saint”

The saint  smiled and told , “Gold  is a  very costly metal,
And normally pure  but people when they   want to use it ,
Break it , beat it , bend it   and burn ii again and again,
Even though   they know  that it is good, valuable  and useful.”

“Among   the crops  Sugar cane    is extremely sweet  ,
But  people cut it , crush it , press it  and then,
Take it through   hard to pass   wheels  ,
Before  they  take  juice   to drink from it  .”

“So  it  is natural     that  good things  in  the world,
Go through  these   tedious  punishments  ,
And I feel   that  it is good    such punishment  is given.
Because   the purest  and best  possible   comes out of it.”

“Take  the   cow’s milk  . It  is heated  till it is boiled,
It is fermented  and  curd   is   made  out of it,
This curd then churned for along time to get butter ,
And again this butter is heated    to get  the  ghee.

“Have you thought  why?  Simply because  milk is good,
And similarly  a good and great men are  churned ,
Tormented , troubled  , made  to work hard and made to starve,
And the wise people do not bother  about  it at all.”

“It is because  they know  they will  eventually become the best and  ,
Valuable  like pure gold , sweet juice  and tasty honey and so you please go home ,
Soon the final   result  will  come on an unexpected   day,
Through  an unexpected  person in an unexpected   way.”

That man , suddenly realised  that all the  problems,
Are  only  purifying him  and he would   one day,
Be recognised and ultimately reach   God and when,
I watch increasing suicides all over   , I wish  that sage  would  come.

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