Friday, August 31, 2018

Our life is His ,live it according to Him

Our life   is His ,live it according to Him


(THis is based on a Tamil post  in Face Book .Google search showed that  these are told by Swami Vivekananda. I could not find them in works  of the Swami..Humble  effort to translate in my own way. Thanks to author  of tamil post)

Life  is a challenge  , face it ,
Life is an award, receive it
Life  is a adventure, undertake it,
Life is a sorrow, cross  it.

Life  is a tragedy bear it  ,
Life is a duty , complete it
Life is a game, play it
Life is a puzzle , solve it

Life  is a song  , sing it,
Life is a chance  , use it,
Life is a journey, complete it,
Life is an oath  , fulfil it

Life  is love  , enjoy it
Life is a beauty , worship it,
Life is a feeling , feel it,
Life is a  struggle , face it

Life is a confusion, straighten it,
Life is an aim  , reach it ,
Life  is a reward   from Him,
Live it  according  to His Gita

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