Monday, August 6, 2018

The royal road to mental peace

The royal   road   to mental peace


(THis  is based  on a tamil   article on ten steps  to mental peace posted by   ten different people   in face book  .One of them could be possibly  the original author .I have shortened it  , modified it and    written it in my own way  .Thanks   to the  original author)  

1.Without   someone   asking for  your help,
Do not   bother  to interfere  in  his affairs,
For most of us   are  creating  problems  .
For ourselves. Because  of this  interference

2,Pardon and forget , the hurts  caused by others,
For by growing ill will and hatred  in our mind.
WE become restless  , sleepless   and  joy less,
Which causes ulcer  , blood pressure and  restlessness

3.Never   keep on hankering    for    recognition,
For   this world  is filled   with  selfish people  ,
And if they   recognize   or praise   others ,
It is  mainly   for   getting some benefit   for them.

4.Do not  be jealous  of others happiness and achievements,
For this  very negative feeling  , is the cause  of absence of mental peace.
Please  understand that  another  person  getting anything ,
Which we were  not    able   to get   is due    to fate  and nothing else

5.Please   change   yourself  according  to   your circumstances,
And your   environment , for if  you try   to change  your  environment ,
You would  face  certain defeat  and by altering  yourself ,
You would soon see  that environment   would become sweet  and pleasant.

6.Everything   cannot be   done   by   every body   and so,
By loosing   your happiness  when you   face  a job,
That  you are  not able to do  , only makes you sad,
Instead find out  who or what   can  complete that job.

7.Do not do take  up   any job which is   beyond your  capability ,
Though by doing   so you would   boost up your ego   and ,
AS a result when you    are  physically  or mentally crushed,
You would  slowly loose  your confidence , making your life  miserable.

8. Practice   to do proper    meditation , not necessarily on God ,
It could be  even meditation on the good  that you can do to others,
And this  would   definitely   lead   you   for a  peace of mind,
Increase  your ability  to concentrate and make   you happy.

9.Never  ever  keep   your mind   in to a  blank   space ,
For  a blank mind   is the   production factory  of Satan,
And all  bad thoughts  , worries  and  complexes ,
Have  always   started   with  a blank, and idle mind.

10.Never  , ever  postpone   anything   and never  ever,
Be  sad  for anything , never ever  waste   your time,
Worrying  , whether   anything   is  possible to do by you,
Always  be positive  and keep   yourself  constantly  engaged .

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