Thursday, August 2, 2018

Woman –The one who has man in her but who makes him complete

Woman –The one who has man in her   but who makes him complete


(This is based on a tamil poem  by my revered  face book friend Sri.Kumar  Ramanathan. Thanks to him)

The only   true  meaning  of the word   “affection”  is  our mother ,
She who always  teases us, encourages  us and loves  us is our sister.
She  who becomes a  part of us  and makes  us  complete  is wife  ,
They   who  come as  a sping in our life   and make it pretty  are  daughters,
They  who make  our old age  glorious  and golden are our grand daughters

The world  without women is impossible ,
And life without them  for a man   is no life at all  .
Man is a  part of   Woman,
He is a   part   of   her ,
He is   within She
Male  is part of a female,

And so
Without  part  , full cannot  exist,
And  also part has meaning  only  ,
When  it   is within    the full    

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