Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Will we be happy , some where else?

Will we be happy , some where   else?


(I felt   writing this   after  reading the very scholarly   essay by my friend sri.J.K.Sivan  . on how two children in mother’s womb  would  feel and talk about coming  out  to a new  world? Thanks to him. God bless  him to think   more and more.)

There   were   two beings  in  the same environment  ,
One asked the other  “I do not know   who you are,
Except that  like   me you   are   also   here, and I am wondering,
Whether   we  would be as  happy as here  , outside here .”

The second one said , “Where  is a doubt about it,
Would we  not learn to live in that  new place also?”
The other one laughed  and said ,”Once  we leave here,
WE are  finished and I am sure   it is end to our life.,”

The second one replied, “WE   have several limbs,
With which we can work, wherever  we are      and   earn our food  ,
Wherever we   are   and we have  mouth, teeth ,
And a belly   and we can  eat  food   and live properly.”

The other said , “WE may or may   not be   able to work,
We may or may not be able to earn  and we may  or may not be able  to eat,
And even if we   eat and drink    through   the mouth  ,
In the  new   environment  it may not get   digested.”

The second was said  , “You appear   to be too pessimistic,
May be things    are not going to  be similar    there,
And may be  some food  may cause   problems  ,
But after  some time we will  happily live there  also.”

The other said , “You are talking as if you are  a fool ,
WE are  accustomed   to being here  but once  we go out ,
Who will take  care  of us by  teaching  us  how to work.
What to eat and how to  get cured of problems   we may face.”

The second one said , “There   is a  God everywhere  who is  taking  care ,
Of us here  and which teaches  us to what to do   and I am sure,
That  kind God    will take   care of us   wherever  we are,
And treat us with kindness and concern and make us happy.”

The other said  ,”Ha, ha  ,   it seems  there  is   some thing called God,
Have  you seen it, I am searching   for it   all over here ,
But  I am not able to see   aby  trace   of it, Can you show it to me?
Even if it is here  , how are  you sure  it would   come there  with us.”

The second one said, “You are  talking   like a silly    fool,
WE are here   with god, within God   and if God  is not there here
Who is taking    care   of us here   and who  do you think,
Taught us  to live here, but Yes, We cannot see him.”

The other said  , “I am starting to get worried  about living here,
With a  double  distilled   fool like  you, What  all you said,
Is your silly   and foolish imagination”   and the second one said,
“Instead  of silly babbling  , do    for sometimes , think and feel?”

“ There  is some power  that  feeds you, makes   you move  ,
Bothered  when you are   not feeling    well  , become joyous,
When you are  happy  and is with you   for all times,
That something  would take  care of   you wherever  you are”

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