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Utpakai-89th chapter of Thirukural- (The enemy within)

Utpakai-89th chapter  of Thirukural-
(The enemy  within)

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( Here s a remarkable   chapter of Kural, which talks of  the problems which can be created   by an enemy within.He ends u it saying ”To live   with an enemy  within our house , is like  living   with a snake  in a hut.)

1.Nizhal neer  innatha   inna  thamar neerum ,
Innavaam   inna  cheyin.

1.When  the  useful  shadow and water  cause trouble  to us ,
They are  not desirable   and similar is the  case   of relatives.

2.Vaal pol pagaivarai anjarkka  , anjuka ,
Kel pol pagaivar   thodarppu.

2,There is no need to fear a sword like enemy who can cause harm,
But we have to be scared   of enemies who are with us  like our relation.

3,Utpakai anjithan  kaakka  , ulaividathu,
Matpakayin maNa therum.

3.We have to be scared of an insider enemy because  when we are weak,
They  would cut you like  a needle(Blade equipment)   which cuts the mud pot

4.Manam maaNaa utpakai   thondrin  inam maaNAA,
Yetham   palavum  tharum.

4.If an inside enemy who would not change   his mind is there,
He would cause our  relations   to go away from us.

5.Ural  murayaan   utpakai thondrin   Iran murayaan  ,
Yetham palavum tharum.

5.If   one of our relations  becomes   our insider enemy ,
That would cause him trouble which may cause his death.

6.Ondraamai  ondriyaar  katpadin   yenjjandrum,
POndramai   ondral    arithu.

6.If a person gets    enemy from his relations who are united with him,
It is extremely rare that he would not be destroyed by that.

7.Cheppin punarchi pol  koodinum   koodaathe  ,
Utpagai uththa   kudi.

7.If the inside enemy  is there   within family ,
He would be like a container    and lid ,
And would never join with the family.

8.Aram porutha pon pola theyum   uram poruthu,
Utpakai utha   kudi.

8.The family with an insider enemy   would ,
Be weak   like a metal  rubbed by a file.

9.yetpakavu anna chirumaithe aayinum ,
Utpakai uLLathaam  kedu.

9.Though   the inside enemy is like a very small hole  of gingelly,
It is big and capable of destroying a family.

10.Udambodu ilathavar   vazhkkai  kudangarul,
Pambodu udanurai  thaththu.

10.Living with a   a person without  mental understanding,
Is like  living with  a snake   inside a hut

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