Thursday, September 5, 2019

Avoid finding fault with others

Avoid finding fault   with others

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(I read it in tamil   in the face book post of  S Ganapathy Subramaniam.Thanks to him)

A  King gave a big   feast  to his  people,
And at that time an eagle   was flying  ,
Holding a snake  on its mouth on the  sky,
And a drop of poison fell on the food being served.

A few  people died  and  Chithraguptha ,
The Accountant  of lord   of death  , was ,
Greatly confused   , as to whom ,
The sin of killing people should be credited.

Not knowing  , what to do  , he asked his boss,
Who said ,  that soon  , we will get  the answer , please wait,
And after  a few days   , some  people  ,not knowing,.
The way   to the kings palace   asked a lady having a way side shop,

And she said, Öh you are   asking   about the king  ,
Who fed food for the people   and killed them”
And showed them the   way to the king’s palace,
And  immediately  Chithraguptha  knew what to do.

Because  when some one  finds fault    with others,
If it is true, half the  sin of the fault   will  go to them,
And if it is not true   the full sin   would go to them,
And  so the lady  who showed the way   got the full sin

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