Sunday, September 1, 2019

My change less father , who is one in thousand

My change less  father  , who is one  in thousand

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My father  had not changed  at all,
And there  are  thousand  fathers like him.

When I got a job  in a neareby  town and got Rupess eight  thousand,
As salary  next month, I   phoned to my father  and asked,
Do you need  anything  , he  said  , “talk  with mother”,
And ten I bombarded  about  my father   to my mother,
And after  some time  , She cut off my talk  and kept the phone.
And then accidentally  I saw  my  savings  back account  pass book,
AS  it was   the month end and  my balance   was about to be over,
And I was surprised   to see  that my father , had deposited,
Rupees five thousand in that account ,  like  he  used to do before  I got a job.
When I visited home   for a festivals, new cloths   were  purchased,
For me   and kept   , even before  I reached.
I understood   that  my father   has not  changed   at all.
And also   will  never  change

No   Gods  were   as great  as my father,
Like a  building  my mother  was pretty,
And my father   was the foundation  of the home,
No one can see him  but unless  it is stong,
The  home  will totter  and break to pieces,
All  the paths that  I took   were made by my father,
All the riches that I earned were the harvest  ,
From the tree  that  he cherished  and nurtured,
When I  Got  some money  in my hand , I had changed,
But my father    had not changed   at all.
And also  he will never   change .

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