Monday, September 2, 2019

All of us are carrying the billionaire politicians

All of us   are carrying the billionaire politicians


(I saw this pretty drawing   and these  words came out of me.)

The  poor farmer works   from   morning    to night,
Very hard, along with his family,
And produces   all   that  is needed ,
By all the world and gives  it to them.,
For meager  price  for his hard work ,

The  middle class common men  , rides on the farmer
By getting  all sorts   of food  from him
So that  he can live with health   and energy,
And he in turn works hard to produce  everything else
And  the  effort  of the  common man is  sold for  paltry sum.

The rich businessman lives   riding on the common man,
And  also the farmer   who  both support him  , so that  ,
All they produce   is brought  by him   for a pittance ,
And is distributed  to all the needy spread
All over the world  for huge  price and he becomes rich.

The politician does not produce   any thing  ,
Nor    does he  work but   rides  on the farmer  ,
Common man and businessman exploiting them,
And taking a  major share  of all  they  earn by hard work.,
And tells them. Lift me up  and I  will become  the billionaire

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