Sunday, September 1, 2019

Rich people who are beggars

Rich  people  who  are beggars


Mostly based on    the great write up in Tamil  of  Sri.N.Prasannan, Trichy)

The  millionaire   Beggar, you may  ask , who,
It is he , who has  millions of cash with him,
But will prefer  to get  money   from others,
And never  gives a pie    to any other  person.

A rich  pensioner  in Chennai  getting  a pension,
Of fifty thousand per month   and whose  ,
Two NRI sons  put one lakh per month  in his  account,
Prefers to clean his home  and get sick
 Rather than pay rupees two hundred. To a servent

Another person who is an industrialist  having,
Four homes and four  vacant plots in Bangalore,
And having an income  of one lakh per month,
Compares the cost of ambulances for  rushing,
His  very sick wife to rush to hospital

Another millionaire couple  both getting huge  income,
And having four of his children  in great jobs in USA,
Goes daily with a bucket  to Bhajan programme  ,
Get it back   with food and   never cook in home,
But share ittwice a day , to save some more  money.

There was another  couple  both earning  a million per month,
Who used  to spend very meager amount on themselves,
And spend all they  earn to help the  poor, the orphans  ,
The priests and the sick and every month they  also used to beg,
From  their close   friends , so that  they can help more people

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