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Massive Ganesas of India

Massive Ganesas of India

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Mundhi Vinayaka  is supposed  to be the biggest Idol  of Ganesa in Asia  and is situated  in Puliankulam , near  Coimbatore.The idol is  19 feet 10 inches tall and 11 feet 10 inches  broad  and is made  of a  single stone.One of the peculiarities  of this Ganesa  is that , he holds a  pot of nectar  in his trunk.

Dodda  Vinayaka  is another  huge  idol of Ganesa  and his temple  is situated  in Basavangudi  , Bangalore.It is also made  of a sinle stone  and the idol is 18 feet high and 16 feet wide.It is believed that   the statue grows in size every year .Devotees believe that it was got made  by Kempe Gowda  , the founder of Bangalore

Chinmaya Gandhish  Ganesh  situated  in Chinmaya  SAndheepini  Ashram , in Kolhapur  is supposed to be the tallest Ganesha of the world.The 61feet tall  made of cement and concrete  sits on 24  feet pedestal  

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