Friday, April 1, 2016

It is time that all of us do something to get our children married.1.Matching of horoscopes

It is time that  all of us do something    to get our children married.1.Matching of  horoscopes

Amateur   Astrologer

      One of the major problems facing all the communities in India    is that , they are not able to find  suitable grooms or brides to their children. One of the main reason may be  lesser population of girls compared to boys. For example the people of Haryana (who are orthodox in their own way)   had gone to Bihar to hunt for brides for their sons . To a large extent they have succeeded. WE due to the  rigidity of customs of our families are not   even allowed to search  for brides among other Brahmins in India.  Though such marriages are happening nowadays ,families feel as if some crime has  been committed by them.  But the parents  as well as children (100% of them)  on the other hand feel that  their marriages are   not taking place due to astrologers.

  One of my hobbies is matching of horoscopes   for matrimony . For the past 16 years I  have matched   thousands of  horoscopes and nearly 1000 marriages have taken place. Many of the parents and grooms maintain their contact with me .Almost about 90%  of those marriages have succeeded. And as a Statistician by profession , I know that   percentage  is indeed very high.

       IN spite of that  ,if  marriages are  not taking place   due to astrology(matching of horoscopes) , then  I want the matching of horoscopes should be stopped, because to me the marriage of  our children is  much more important   than astrology. But I would like to make a request  to all these people who   want to drop   horoscope matching  . Once your children are married  , do destroy their horoscopes and information of their  birth particulars. I am making this humble request because  problems do arise in every person’s life   and it is a habit in India  to approach the  astrologer at that time. If they do and if  unfortunately the astrologer  points out   that it is due to defects  in horoscope matching, many marriages would break  .What is   the point  in getting them married , if they are going to lead a  unhappy life   and quarrel with each other.

 Again  I want to emphasize that   a happy married life for the future generation  is much more important to me than    astrology

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