Sunday, April 17, 2016

The fun called feast and the sin against God Food

The fun called feast  and the  sin against God Food


Aum Annam Brahma Raso,
Vishnu Bhokta Devo Maheshwarah,
Evam Dhyatva na Bhonkte,
Anna Dosho na Vidhyate,

Om   Food  is God  , its  essence is Vishnu  ,
The one   who consumes  it is  Lord Shiva  ,
If you   eat it    realizing     this  ,
You would    suffer   due to the sin  of food.
                                                   Brahmavaivarta Purana

    I   have come across  a friend  called   in face book   called Rajagopal  Velamoor  (a retired scientist like me)   who has made  “Preventing food   wastage  “ as his  mission in life . Food is wasted   at the time of harvest  , at  wholesale Mandis, retail shops  , homes as well as   in the mega fun that   we all participate   called   Feast. My friend feels that  if only we can stop this wastage  , no one need to go hungry in India.Let Ius join with my friend    to   remove hunger from India by preventing wastage of food.  Here  is my small write up    about how we waste  food during a feast    and how   we can prevent it.  “Annam”  who is our God would definitely bless us.

Feast , feast , feast, feast  , feast ,
Is the time   when  Food is poured   on your plate,
In  mega quantities   to quench your  micro hunger ,
By the one who serves  in your plate  is  in  a great hurry,
To finish off  his job  with  as much speed as he can,
Yo who are  the  one who sits to eat  to partake   it  is not bothered,
But concentrate  on   your  favourite  dishes  that fall on your  plate ,

And soon as you  finds that  your  hunger   is gone at that time,
Look at the food    mountain that  you have left  on your plate
And  find  that there is  so much food left  on  your plate  ,
That   with ease two more people can   satiate their hunger.
But neither  you  , nor the server  , nor the  persons,
Who planned that  fabulous    feast are  ever bothered,
Servants who have hungry mouths   to feed at home  ,
Come in a hurry and throw    all that is remaining ,
In the street    corner so that    the hungry  men,
Fight   with hungry dogs   to  lick at that remaining food on the leaf

Does not any one realize    that   we are born,
In a culture   that called  Food as   God,
And all that   punya    that we richly   do,
Would be washed away    by that  God called Food,

Cannot   the   one who gives feast   plan  for  limited number of dishes?
Cannot the   server    serve   the food slowly and in required quantities?
Cannot  the I one who eats there   without hunger  , say no to foods that are not his choice?
Cannot the   one   who celebrates   call orphanages   and old age homes,
And distribute all    the yummy yummy   food    to those unfortunates,
Who have  not done sufficient luck   to taste    such  yummy food ?

Oh God  Food , when will those days   come  ,
When you   smile after seeing no hungry souls?

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