Friday, April 29, 2016

There is no relation between age and wisdom (Tamil)

There is no relation between age  and wisdom

Thenkachi swaminathan

Translated by

Father   used to  often regularly chide his son ,
You should obey what all  I say.
The twenty year old son   one day  ,
Asked back his father, Why should  I obey you,
Don’t I have  my own wisdom?”

For that the   father told . I am older to you ,
My experience   is    very large,
And that  is why I am telling you,
You have to obey whatever  I say.”

Then the son told, If all the fathers,
Have  more   experience   than their sons,
The Father  of Marconi should have invented  the radio,
The dfather of Thomas Alva Edison should have  invented the electricity,
Why did they not do it , Oh daddy”  he asked.

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