Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pradheep Vi Std “B” Sec ( son of working mother)

Pradheep  Vi Std   “B” Sec

Surya Suresh

Translated by

 Daily  ,before  my auto comes,
Oh mother   , your bus  unfortunately arrives.

When I return home   from the school ,
When I see   the house   without   any body ,
I feel as   if there is nothing there.

When I recollect  you  who  would  certainly come  before  nine pm ,
And father  who tries his best to come   before   eleven pm  ,
In  my school  , alas , I get   only a  faint  image.

Nowadays  Tom and Jerry   and POGO TV have become very boring
The snacks  on the fridge and your voice in cell phone, has become drab.

Oh mother  How is it   that  you who know    how to decorate   the drawing room,
Do not understand me who is  longing   for   your  smooth touch?

Like you who knows how to post phone  your   home work to Sundays,
I also have understood   how to post phone my anguishes and desires.

Using  loving words   the maid who looks   after me  ,
Has become my temporary  mother,
At that time I feel  that it is  better  for me   to be her son

To make others  understand   that I am  your son,
You   boast with others that  I study well and score high marks
But what are   you going to do  to make me feel,
That  You   are my mother.

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