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It is time that all of us do something to get our children married. 2.Desirable qualities in groom and bride

It is time that  all of us do something    to get our children married.   2.Desirable    qualities  in groom and bride


Nothing  much can be  done  about  any of these except “GRIN  and BEAR  IT”

Times are  changing fast .When I got married almost 50 years back  , People were  searching for a   graduate  belonging to   a good family, preferably from families   which  are united   and help   each other .The age difference was   8-9 years. Normally girls used  to get married   at the age of 21-24  and boys between 28-31.  It was  grooms and their fathers  who used to  dictate the terms  .
Nowadays   things have changed:-

1.Girls prefer to get married when they are around 25  with a boy who is not more than 3 years  older than them.  Grooms    prefer to get married   around 29  . They do not have   any say  in determining   the  age difference between them and the bride  .

2.Since the number of brides   available are less   most of the brides get married   before   they reach 28 or 29 years age  .It is extremely   difficult   for a boy over 30   to find a suitable bride.

3.Even about 10 years back  Brides used to prefer    a groom working abroad  .For some reason  this has changed sharply, with  brides not interested in settling abroad.

4.Previously  grooms with professional degrees had a premium but nowadays   there is premium to   soft ware engineers preferably from IITS , MBAs   from IIMs , those   who have   completed   their  C.A.Final, those who have completed   their post graduate   degrees in  Medicine
   Grooms with   any other qualification including umpteen branches  of  Engineering  , MBAs from colleges   which are  not IIMs , Business  men, artists  ,  priests with very high income , Cooks running  millions out of Catering b business  etc    are not preferred   as grooms
   Most of the grooms     want brides to be as pretty as a heroine  , very rich family back ground  and those who are   employed, . They do not want a bride  without brothers.Those   without siblings  are not at  all preferred

5.Grooms with baggage(their parents with them) are not preferred. Brides with no siblings    are not preferred. Brides born in Gannandha Nakshatrams like Moolam and Ayilyam,  and those with Kala SArpa dosham   are again in the not preferred   category. Brides  bred up in cities do not prefer   grooms brought  up in villages.Grooms without Vehicles   are not in the  preferred  category

6. All grooms want their partners    to earn less than them   and besides back breaking work in the office  , they should  take care of all the work of the house  including cooking.

7.Brides want their grooms to be  of less   age than their elder sisters  husband   and also   earn more than them. There was a time when smoking  or drinking   was considered  as  undesirable habit for grooms but now  these  habits are   considered as fashionable.

8.Another reasonable demand by brides  is that  they insist that they be allowed to help their parents    with their salary.

    I invite all of you to read this and contribute more info.

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