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Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple - Mangadu

Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple - Mangadu

Elango Kadhirvel

Ø  This Temple is located in Mangadu (meaning Mango Grove/Forest), a Chennai Suburb in Tamil Nadu
Ø  This Temple is about 16 kilometers from the Chennai International/Domestic Airport and about 22 kilometers from Chennai Central Railway Station
Presiding Deities
Ø  Goddess Parvathi as Sri Kamakshi
Ø  Lord Shiva as Sri Velleeswarar at The Sri Velleeswarar temple (little away from the Mangadu Temple)
Ø  Lord Vishnu as Seer Perumal

Ø  Adhi Kamakshi Sthala
o   In a playful mood, Mother Parvathi once covered the eyes of Lord Shiva that resulted in the total standstill of the activities of the world
o   The Lord cursed Her to be born on earth
o   SHE was advised to perform penance in this place – Mangadu and was promised Darshan and marriage with Lord Shiva at an appropriate time
o   Mother undertook penance following rigid rules standing amidst fire
o   SHE heard a blessing voice to proceed to Kancheepuram to continue the penance
o   As Mother’s penance started at Mangadu, this is revered as Adhi Kamakshi Sthala
Ø  Tapas Kamakshi-Amman - This is the holy place where Mother Kamakshi performed severe penance standing on one leg amidst fire before Her wedding with Lord Ekambareswarar (Shiva) in Kancheepuram
o   Goddess performed penance resting the left leg on the Fire and folding the right leg
o   HER left hand is raised above HER head, holding a japamala
o   This can be seen in the Temple as Tapas Kamakshi-Amman
o   When Goddess Left the place without extinguishing the fire the whole area suffered from the unbearable heat for a long time
o   Jagadguru Sri Adi Shankaracharya came here and installed SRI ARDHAMERU CHAKRA and extinguished the fire
o   The SRI CHAKRA in Mangadu is very rare
o   The Ardhameru Sri Chakra is the chief divinity in this temple
§  The Ardhameru Sri Chakra has  43 Trikonas-triangles
§  This is made of eight herbals called Astagandham
§  Hence no abisheka is offered the Chakra
o   The base is of Koorma (tortoise) design
§  There are three steps above the base
§  It is further built with 16 Lotus petals and 8 petals of Lotus still above - The Sri Chakra is drawn on this seat
Ø  Seer(Gift) Perumal
o   When Lord Shiva came to this place to acknowledge the penance of Mother, Lord Vishnu too came here with gifts to His Sister (Kamakshi, The Bride)
o   When Lord Shiva and Mother Kamakshi left for Kancheepuram, Lord Vishnu too was to accompany them
o   But Maharshi Markandeya begged Lord Vishnu to stay in the place
o   Obliging the Rishi, Lord Vishnu stayed here as Vaikunta Perumal with His Discus and a ring in a finger showing His coming with gifts for His Sister
o   HE is revered as Seer Perumal – Gift Perumal

Ø  Lord Shukra/Venus Vision restored
o   When Emperor Mahabali offered three feet of land to Lord Vaamana - knowing the design of the Lord, planet Venus-Shukra intervened to stop Mahabali from the offering
o   Planet Shukra blocked the Jal Patra the water bowl
o   Lord Vaamana used a darba grass to remove the block and thus made Venus blind in one eye
o   To get back his eyes, Shukra-Venus also performed penance on Lord Shiva in this place when Kamakshi also was on a penance
o   Lord Shiva appeared before Shukra the devotee first and granted his eye back
o   Hence Lord Shiva is known as Sri Velleeswarar at The Sri Velleeswarar temple (little away from the Mangadu Temple)
§  Velli is the name of planet Venus-Shukra
§  As in the Kanjanur Shukrapureeswarar temple, this temple is of Shukra/Planet Venus importance

Quotes/Hymns – ‘Aananda-Lahari’ – Jagadguru Sri Adi Shankaracharya (It is believed that this hymn starting ‘Bhavaani-stothum-thwaam prabhavathi-chathur-birna-vadanaihi …’was composed by The Savant at this Temple)
त्त्वदाकारं चञ्चच्छशधरकलासौधशिखरम् ।
मुकुन्दब्रह्मेन्द्रप्रभृतिपरिवारं विजयते
तवागारं रम्यं त्रिभुवनमहाराजगृहिणि ॥

Transliterated Text
Thwadaa-kaaram chan-chath sasha-dhara-kalaa-saugha-shikharam                                                  
Mukunda-brahmendra-prabhruthi-parivaaram vijayathe
Thavaa-gaaram ramyam thribhuvana-mahaaraaja-gruhini

Oh Great Goddess, Your Abode is shining and resplendent with the different precious stones fixed to the tower domes almost reaching the moon
In such a beautiful abode surrounded by Sri Brahma, Sri Vishnu, Sri Indra and other Devas (extolling your greatness) - YOU shine as the empress of the three Worlds (being the consort of the Supreme Lord of the three Worlds, Sri Parameshwara)
-          The incomparable beauty and splendour of Her abode, the greatness of Other Devotees who throng around Her indicate the Supremacy of the Goddess

http://www.mangadukamakshi.tnhrce.in/  (Official Temple Site)

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