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Traditional Vishu Kanji

Traditional  Vishu  Kanji

Traditionally  in our home  we prepare   a grand feast involving  Podiyari kanji in our homes:-
                          (Recipes   of  my wife   Smt Jayalakshmi  Ramachander)
Kanji (Main dish)
  This is  not the normal simple   Kanji   which is the  main  food of most of  Kerala   homes. Slight changes   have been brought  in   by the Palakkad  Brahmins.

   Cook   the needed Broken  Par boiled   rice (Podiyari) in water along with  a small quantity of    green gram dhal. The water  should be more than what we add   for making as rice . Add slight salt   , a spoon of ghee    and set aside  .

   This is served  on the plate and hot water , kept boiling  on the stove is added    as per requirement .Some people keep adding   some amount of ghee   with every   helping.  It can be taken with spoon   but in Kerala it is taken using Kumbil  made by Jack tree  leaf.

Side dishes,
    a.Cut  in to cubes the following vegetables ash gourd,, raw mango,   Chenai  (yam) , vazhaikkai(banana)    etc  
    b. Boil   along with chilly  powder and salt.
    3.Grind coconut,  green chilly(less quantity) and add to the vegetables when they are cooked
    4. Season with raw   coconut oil

      This is a  dish prepared by  boiling horse gram(mudirai) along with  either idi chakkai,  or Vazhakkai or chow chow
     Cook the vegetables along with horse gram   adding slight chilly powder and salt.
       Grind coconut and jeera and add when the gram and vegetables are well cooked  .Add small quantity of  jiggery  
      Season it with raw coconut oil

3.Mangai CHammanthi
    Grind  raw mango,  Coconut , green chilles and raw mustard. Add sufficient salt.

4.Thenga keeru,
      Thinly cut long pieces of coconut
5.Manga keeru
       Thinly cut long pieces of mango coated   with salt.
      You can prepare any of the payasams    you like  and also  prepare  curd rice  to complete the lunch.

   It has been our experience that  this very simple   food without  any spices is liked by all people including youngsters.

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