Saturday, April 2, 2016

MS paa Maalai (tamil)

I was terribly impressed by this great first poem by Padma Priya. I could not resist translating it as It is a great tribute to MS .
MS paa Maalai
(A garland of poems to Bharatha Rathna MS)
Padma Priya Ramkumar , Coimbatore
Translated by
(From Mangayar malar , April 1-15 )
1.Thumbikkayaan thunai kondu,
Nambikkayodu ezhuthum paadal ,
Thavaru iruppin Poruthu Arulga ,
MS Ammaye
1.The song written with great confidence,
Due to blessings of god with the trunk ,
If there are mistakes, Please pardon me,
Oh Madam MS.
2.Thooya ullam kondu thangalai paththi,
Ezhuthum yen mudhal Kavithai,
THangalukke samarppanam .
2.This, which is my first poem ,
Written with a very pure heart,
Is only dedicated to you.
3.Thooyavale, Kaththorai kalippura,
Cheitha Gana kuyile ,
Pamara makkalin manathil,
Paranthamanai ninaikka vaitha,
Meeravum neeye.
3.Oh purest lady . Oh koel of muic,
Who made the wise people joyous ,
You are also the Meera ,
Who made the common people,
Think about that Lord Vishnu.
4.Kurai ondrum illai yendru paadi,
Yengal kurai theertha nayagiye,
Kalamellam un geetham ,
Engal thunbathai pokki,
Inbamaaga Mathume.
4.Oh heroine who sang.”I do not have any wants”,
And removed all our wants ,
For ever your song ,
Would remove our sorrows ,
And replace them with joy.
5.Adakkathai aadayaaka uduthi,
Anbaye pechakavum moochakavum kondu,
Kanivagavum panivagavum irundha, Panbaana mangaye,
Kannile Malai magalai kandom,
Naavile kalai magalai kandom,
Vadivile thirumagalai kandom ,
MS ammaye un paadam panivome.
5.Wearing the dress of humility,
Adopting love as talk as well as breath,
You were the cultured lady having softness and humility,
We saw in your eyes the daughter of the mountain,
We saw in your toungue Goddess Saraswathi,
And in your form we saw Goddess Lakshmi ,
Oh Madam MS, we salute at your feet.

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