Monday, November 13, 2017

Hanuman gets TA sanctioned

Hanuman gets TA  sanctioned


(This is a very old story that I had heard and thanks to sri Rajagopal srinivasan, I remembered it)

Lakshmana   fell  in the battle  with Indrajit,
And Hanuman was  given order  to bring  Sanjeevini herb,
And he flew in the sky  , could locate the mountain,
But not the herb, brought  the mountain  and Lakshmana got up.

After  reaching Ayodhya  , Hanuman submitted  a  bill,
For drawing   his   tour allowance     and it   was rejected,
The  accounts  officer told  , Rama was not the king ,
And so could not sanction the   tour, Hanuman  being,
A class four   officer is not entitled to fly  and as it was ,
Not needed to bring the mountain , excess baggage  is not allowed.

Hanuman made representation to Lord Rama   who was,
Unable   to instruct   his accounts officer   and  requested him,
To withdraw his bill  but   the finance minister  of Rama,
Called  the accounts officer   and threatened  him with dire consequences.

Next day   the bill was passed and now   the accounts officer wrote,
Though Rama was not the king , as he was officer in charge  at Ayodhya ,
And he could sanction the tour   and allow Hanuman to fly due to emergency,
And allow him excess baggage  because had Hanuman brought ,

The wrong medicine , he  has to again undertake the tour  and that too by air. 

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