Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A letter from a girl to her unknown future husband

A letter  from  a girl to her   unknown future  husband

Writeen  based on a  Tamil post


(I was  greatly moved by this  letter.My thanks to Rajagopal Srinivasan    who had posted   the Tamil  Original)

My dear  future   husband,

I am waiting    for your arrival,,
I do not know how  you would  look like  nor the place that  you live   at present,
But I know    you will come in search of me
Because  that is fate for
God has created  me for you and  you for me
I am your dear  wife  , Oh my dear  husband

You might at present be in love with some other girl,
Or you might have   been defeated in love   and is sorrowing
Many girls might have teased    you and made   you cry,
My darling   do not  get   worried, because   that might have been due  to my prayers
I have been created for you and you only
I am born    for you only ,
When you come to me  , I will hug you with love
I would make you forget  those  of  your earlier   love affairs   in your tears
And then you will understand that I am your only darling

I do not need your beauty
I do not need your money
The only thing  that I want from you  is   that you should be a good male following  Justice and Dharma
Do not get worried , my great love will make you  forget your earlier life
I am another soul   who would make your future pretty

I am not near you now
But when you surrender to me, I would never go away from you
Except death nothing has the power   to take me  away from you
Where are you, I am keeping  myself   fit only for you

Evem if 100  children were born to me , my love for  you will not diminish,
Because you are my first child
I am waiting   for your arrival
I am waiting for the day of our wedding  as determined by God

Oh my dear darling .
Without worry wait    for me

Yours ever faithful,

(your future wife) 

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