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Infancy without freedom , a time of torture.-Do you agree with this? I some how do not.

Infancy without  freedom , a time of torture.-Do you agree  with this? I some how do not.

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(I read   the original  written by Rajkumar S  in Tamil(Facebook post by  Rajagopal Srinivasan) . AS a parent I was shocked. Being from very poor background  many parents  do make  their children work very hard  so that they will become rich. Would it lead   to this state of affairs? I do not know)

I am a    counsellor  as well as social worker,
And one day    an old couple came   and told me,
“Sir , we have a son in  USA  ,  who  never speaks  to us,
He rarely comes to visit  us  for ten days  , lives with us for five days
And he  e speaks to us   for five hours during that time    and goes back.”

I told them that  I would contact their son by e-mail,
And I did and told him  the complaint  of his old parents,
Surprisingly   he did   write   a reply  by e mail ,
And explained   to me , why  that happened.

“I lived in a small  city in India   where I was born,
And I do not have   any pleasant  memory of that city,
Nor do I have a  pleasant memory  of life  with my parents,
Nor good recollection  of  the  prison like   educational  institutions  that I studied”

“Right from the age  of three , the only  words  that ,
I heard from my parents was  “Study,do not neglect,
Study more” and all  the time till  I  was in school,
Morning to  night my father  coached me  and made me study.”

“Though I   wanted to play   with friends  , tell jokes,
Watch TV , my parents  never allowed me to do any of those ,
And all that  I remember  of my parents   and my home,
Is the torture   called   study   always and always.”

“They enrolled  me in a very   costly  private school,
Who made  things more worse  by making me study in class,
And giving so much home work , that  apart from  father’s coaching,
I did not have   any time   whatsoever   except   school works.”

“I never   had any holidays   throughout the year  ,
As I was made to study by my parents , by my teachers,
By  masters  of coaching classes and  I  did develop,
A hatred  to my life  which was  a punishment  and not joy,”

“I some times spend,  some time  for recollecting   ,
Joyful or even sad incidents   of those   times,
When life  was a  rigourous  imprisonment  to me.
But never could   recollect   any incident  of joy or even sorrow,
And later  I studied as  a day scholar  in a college  the same state of misery.”

“When I came to USA   i suddenly realized   that ,
That human life  is not all imprisonment but joy,
I travelled., talked with friends, read novels ,  watched movies,
Watched TV shows and so on   and  really enjoyed my life.”

My recollection of my native city is as  a city of pain,
My recollection of my parents  is as torturing task masters ,
I do realize that I have the duty to look after my  parents,
And I am prepared   to send money , employ people etc for that.”

Even  when I go home  , I am not able to talk  more than,
Thirty  minutes with my parents as their world and mine are different  ,
And my city appears   as strange  and my parents appear to be   strangers,
And I am sorry that  I can do nothing about it , please allow me to relax.”

As a counsellor  I forwarded that letter   to the boys’ parents ,
They were greatly shocked as they were not able to understand him,
And they felt they have sacrificed   all their life and earnings for him,
And  i felt that  there is something  in  what the boy told.

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