Monday, November 13, 2017

Some good are bad and some bad is good

Some good are  bad and some bad is good


(Based on  a post of  Meena Rajan,)

Ten rupees  is too much to give it to a beggar,
Thousand rupees  is too small  to go for shopping

Too much bore   to read  to read one page of Gita,
Very interesting to read  hundred pages  of a  weekly

One hour is too much time to worship a God
Three hours is too less  time to see a motion picture

No doubt  while reading a newspaper,
Thousands of doubts  while reading religious books

Very difficult  to chant the Vedas for five minutes,
Very easy to gossip for three  hours

Last   to enter   the temple,
First to enter  new release picture

Twenty minutes meditation is extremely tough,
Five hour  useless chit chatting  is extremely easy

Two minutes saluting of God  is boring,

But cell phone  chat   for hundreds of hours is Okay

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