Thursday, August 13, 2015

A folk tale in You tube by me.

Dear Friends,

 I  had told you all some time back, that my daughter Meera Venkatesan who is much interested in story telling like me wanted to preserve to upcoming generations , my peculiar method of story telling , that too in English rather than Tamil which I use to tell the stories, I had circulated my first attempt in telling the story using You tube .it was good and so a new story , that of Thiruvazhuthan which is very popular among Tamil speaking Brahmins was recorded.It is a great improvement over my first effort and my daughter put in much more effort in recording and editing it.I am sure that all children would like it better.I have a humble request.Please do hear it and forward it to your friends.



Anonymous said...

It was very good. My little daughter enjoyed it. Thank you so much.


Divya Balakrishnan said...

Very nice