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.Vaazhkkai thunai nalam-Thirukkural sixth chapter

.Vaazhkkai thunai nalam-Thirukkural sixth chapter
(The  goodness of companion  to life)

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(After  clearly establishing that  life of house holder  is great  , The great Valluvar  goes on to tell the need for a good wife  for having a great life. Suitable  life depending on monetary status, good virtue, respect   for her husband , self protection of  herself and   good treatment  of her husband  are  the hallmarks of a good wife   according to the poet.He clearly points out that  a man without   good life would lead a miserable life  .Finally he ends the chapter  by saying ,  getting children would make  family life  much more greater.)

1.Manai thakka   manpudayal   aakithan   konadan,
Valathakkal vaazhkkai thunai

1.He  who gets a companion  who has good nature to suit his home,
Would get a companion  who lives within his income.

2.Manai makshi   illal kan   yillayin , Vazkkai  ,
Yenaimakshithu  aayinum   yil.

2.If  suitable characters are  not there in his wife  ,
His  life would be useless in spite of having   everything.

3.Yillathiyen yillaval maanpaal   ullathuyen ,
Yillaval  manaa  kadai  .

3.There is nothing that is not there if  his wife is good natured,
But he would have nothing , if his wife is to the contrary.

4.Pennin pernthakka  ya aula , karpu  yennum,
Thinmai  undaga perin .

4.If  his   wife   has   got  virtue , there is nothing greater,
Than  that   he can have .

5.Deivam thozaal   kozhunan  thozhuthu yezhuvaal,
Peyyena  peyyum mazhai

5.If  a lady who does  not worship gods but   gets up,
After  saluting  her husband , commands , it would rain.

6.THarkathu   tharkondar   peni  thagai Chandra ,
Chor katthu   chorvu ilal  pen.

6.She who protects herself , nurtures  her husband  and protects ,
The fame   that  she has,   is the Lady   who does not  forget   her goodness.

7.Chirai  kakkum kappu   yevan cheyyum  makalir  ,
Nirai kakkum   kappe   thalai.

7.How can artificial protection , protect a lady,
What  is topmost important  is the protection  that she  gives herself to her virtue.

8.Pethaan  perin  peruvar  pendir permchirappu  ,
Puthelir  vaazhum ulagu

8.If the husband gets  proper treatment   from his wife ,
She would get great treatment  in land of devas

9.Piugazh  purintha  illilorkillai   yigazhvar mun,,
Yeru pol peedu nadai.

9.If a man does not get wife  without praiseworthy qualities,
He  cannot  walk  royally like a male lion before those who chide  him

10.Mangalam yenba  manai matchi mathathan  ,
Nankalam   nanmakkal peru

10.Auspeciousness  is having a wife  with great qualities,

And an ornament   to it is getting   good children.

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