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Vaan chirappu (Thirukkural-second chapter)

Vaan chirappu (Thirukkural-second chapter)
Greatness  of  sky

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(Thiruvalluvar   after  saluting God  in the first chapter,  describes  rain and its effect  on the world  in the second chapter. He says :-
The rain supplies nectar to the world. It  helps us to produce food and also   becomes our food .If it fails not only world would be hungry  but farmers cannot farm and produce food. World becomes sad if it fails and becomes joyous if it falls properly  as  we cannot see  even a blade of grass without it , even oceans would dry and  even charity and penance   would come to an end .He then concludes  that without rain we cannot exist.)

1.Vaan nindru ulagam vazhangi varuthalaal,
THaan amizhtham yendru  unarar pathu.

1.All  beings  , live believing in the sky,
And realize , that  what falls  from it  is nectar

2.thupparkku  thuppaya thuppakki , thupparkku,
Thuppaya thoom  Mazhai

2.Rain  makes  food for consumers  and ,
Also becomes  their  food.

3.Vin nindru poippin  viri neer viyan ulagathu  ,
Ul nindru  udatthum pasi.

3,If rain fails  , world  surrounded  by water,
Would suffer  due to pangs of hunger.

4.Yerin uzhaar  uzhavar puyal yennum ,
Vaari valam kundri kaal.

4.If rains fails, farmers would not  farm,
And the prosperity   would decrease.

5.Keduppathoom  kettarkku  chaarvai  mathaange ,
Yedppathoom yellam mazhai.

5.Rain  causes  disaster  by failing ,
And also increases joy by proper falling.

6.Visumbin thuli veezhin allal mathu aange  ,
Pasumpul thalai kanpathu arithu

6.Unless   rain drops   fall from the sky,
It is difficult to see   a blade of  fresh grass.

7.Nedum kadalum  than neermai  kundrum  , thadinthu   yezhili,
Than nalkathu aagi vidin,

7.Even the huge ocean   would dry , if  the clouds ,
Do not pour  back the water that   they have taken.

8.Chirappodu  poosanai chellathu vaanam,
Varakku mrl vanorkkum  yeendu.

8.Even worship  to those in heaven would stop,
If the   rains  dry up in the sky

9,Thanam  thavam  irandum  thanga viyan ulagam,
VAnam  vazhangathu   yenin.

9.Charity  and penance   would not stay  , Unless ,
The sky gives  water to earth.

10,Neer nindru amayathu  ulagu yenin, yaaryaarkkum,
Vaan yindru amayathu ozhukku.

10.World cannot exist without water and that ,
Water   would not flow  unless the  sky rains.

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