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Virunthombal- Ninth Chapter of Thirukural

Virunthombal- Ninth  Chapter  of Thirukural.
(treating guests  well/hospitality.)

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(To  lead a good life the householder need to support the society that  he lives in.  Here  the guest is  not the only one   who comes  to our  house on a visit. In  ancient days  , the householder   was supposed   to search for people   who need to be fed and feed them properly. The poet  feels horrified at  our eating food  without giving it to the guest.He feels that  those who treat guests  well would  go to heaven.  He wants everyone  not to neglect them, because   they would feel greatly insulted   and  humiliated.)

1.I rundhu   ombi   yil vaazhvathu   yellam  virunthu onbi  ,
Velanmai   cheithal  poruttu.

1,living   with family   is  only aimed,
At  hospitality  and treating  guests  well.

2.Virunthu   purathathath  thaan undal   chavaa ,
Marunthu yeninum   vendar paathu andru.

2,Keeping the guest outside  and  our  eating
Even  if we are eating   medicine  for avoiding death  is not desirable.

3.Varuvithu vaikalum   ombuvaan  vazhkkai  ,
Paruvathu  paazh paduthal indru.

3.The life of one who  daily  invite guests  and then treat,
Them hospitably ,  would never  involve suffering.

4.Akanamarnthu   cheyyal   urayum   mukanamarnthu  ,
Nal  virunthombuvan   yil.

4.In  the house  of those ,   who  treat   good guests,
With  hospitality  and smiling face , Goddess Lakshmi   would live happily.

5.Vithum idal vendum  kollo , virundhombi  ,
Michil   misaivan pulam

5.  Is there  any necessity   to sow seeds  ,  for the one who feeds  their  guests,
And share  thereafter    whatever  is left over  with his family

6, Chel virundhombi , varu virundhu kathiruppan,
Nal virundhu vanathavarkku.

6,He   who treats  well the  departing guest ,
And waits  for the arriving guest would be a good  guest in heaven,

7.Inai thunaithu  yenpathu   ondru illai virundhin,
Thunai thunai   velvi payan.

7.It is not possible to estimate  the good arising  out of  hospitality ,
For  it depends  on  the  suitability  of the guest.

8.Parinthombi  pathathom   yenbar  , virunthombi,
Velvi  thalai padathaar.

8.Those ignorant people   who do not bother about  the great  effect ,
Of treating   their guests well , would later  sorrow ,
Thinking  that  they have wasted their wealth and became supportless.

9.Udamayil   inmai   viruthu  ombal  , ombaa ,
Madamai  madavar  kan undu.

9.Poverty  in spite of wealth is due  to ignorance  about need
Of good treatment of guests and these  people   would be among   fools.

10.Moppa kuzhayum anicham , mukam  thirinthu,
Nokka kuzhayum  virunthu

10 Just like  anicham flower fades on  smelling it,
The face of the guests  would fade seeing  an unwelcome face.

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