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Dasavathara –Balarama vs Buddha controversy –What do you think?

Dasavathara –Balarama  vs Buddha  controversy –What do you think?


  The ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu starts   with  Mathsya  and ends with Kalki of the future . It is told as
“Mathsya , Koorma, Varahascha, Nrusimhascha  , Vamana , Ramo,  Ramascha, Ramascha  , Krishna Kalki  Janardhana”

Prayers  addressed  to and temples dedicated  to Mathsya, Koorma , Vamana , And Balarama   are very rare .I had in my collection some  rare  stotrams addressed  to these Gods   and I have presented  them  along with prayers addressed to you all in the last nine days.

  One reader  told me that Balabadhra or Balarama  is not  the incarnation of  Lord Vishnu  but  an incarnation of Adhi Sesha. If he were  accepted as  an incarnation then  Lakshmana  also should be one among   the Dasavatharas.

  That gentleman said , the Dasavatharas  are not as  given   above but
“Mathsya , Koorma, Varahascha, Nrusimhascha  , Vamana , Ramo,  Ramascha  , Krishnascha, Buddha  Kalki  Janardhana”

That is  Balarama  is not the eighth incarnation but  Budha is the ninth  incarnation.One possible reason for this is that  if Balarama is the incarnation , he has done  no great deed in killing the Asuras .There are  few  references like this but  to my best of my knowledge  Hinduism  has not accepted Buddha as God and nor have  Buddhists   ever  claimed that  Budha  is a Hindu God. There is a Dasavathara Stotra   which  starts  with “Yaa Thwara  Jala Sanchare  …”   where Balarama  is not included   as an incarnation but Budha is. I have another six  Dasavathara   Stotras  in my collection (Which I am going to post from  tomorrow) where  Balarama  is the incarnation  and not Buddha  .

     I know there  are many learned  scholars  in  and outside face book   and I would like their comments  on this Issue.

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Divya Balakrishnan said...

As per Vishnu Puranam and Bhagavat Puranam, Balarama is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Actually as per our texts, Lord Vishnu has innumerable avatars but we consider only 10 as main. Even Ved Vyas is considered incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The second chapter of Brahma Sutra, which is acknowledged by Krishna in Geetha, is mainly refuting Buddha matham. If we go as per Brahma Sutra, Buddha Dharma is considered avidhigam and nastikam. Buddha Dharma does not follow our Vedas. For them only the word of Lord Buddha is final ( pramanam).
In fact Kumarila Bhatta, founder of Bhatta matham, he wrote commentary on Jaimini Sutra (12000 sutras) on purva memamsa or the Ved purva part. He was the one responsible for driving Buddhism away from India.
In Shankra Bhasyam on Brahma Sutra, you can find the Buddha matham refutation elaborately.
So per per above arguments the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu cannot be considered Buddha in my opinion. God himself will not come down to talk negative about the Vedas he has given,I consider.
There can be other arguments also both in favor and against.