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Mohathai Kondru Vidu (Kill this passion in me)

Mohathai Kondru Vidu  (Kill this passion in me)

Mahakavi Bharathiar

Translated from Tamil  by

(Mahkavi Subramanya Bharathi    was one of the greatest poets of India    who was also a great nationalist  as well as  a person with deep devotion to God  .His poems  would melt the  mind of any one reading them. I do not know , why he wrote this poem  but  it simply shakes you  . You can hear the poem sung in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDoKdHnMWMQ&safe=active .I have given my translations first and lyrics typed in English next  .I know  I can never  be able to bring out the pathos   and the fierce anger due to helplessness  which  is expressed by the  Mahakavi   but  I have made a feeble  attempt.)

English translation
1.Oh Goddess  who is the world   and created all that  which is here,
Kill  all my passions  or otherwise   stop my breath,
Make my body fall  or otherwise  remove the  thoughts that is in it,
Alter  my fate or otherwise   crush   this body of mine .

2.Oh Goddess  who is within everything  and makes  them  act  ,
Remove my attachments or otherwise remove the burden of this life,
Make my thought process  clear   or make this body in to a corpse,
Would I remain in this world thinking  that  this chaff  is really grain?

3.Oh Goddess  who is difficult to define  but is within everything ,
Would not my mind get pleased? Would not this untrue  pride disappear?
Would not   these lying acts  melt down? Oh mother , Would not the tears of devotion flow?
Would not the thirst of this dog  get quenched  , in the   flood of your mercy ?

Tamil  original

1.Mohathai kondru vidu –allal yendran
Moochai niruthi vidu;
Dekathai chaithu vidu  -allal athil ,
Chinthanai maithu vidu  ,
Yogathiruthi vidu –Allal yendran  ,
OOnai chidaithu vidu  ,
Yeka thirunthu ulagam-ingullana ,
Yavayum  chibavale

2,Bandathai neeki vidy –allal   uyir,
Barathai pokki vidu,
Hinthai thelivakku  -allal ithai,
Chetha udalakku,
Indha padargalaye –nella mena  ,
Yenni iruppeno?
Yentha porulilume  -ulle nindru  ,
Iyangi iruppavale

3.Ullam kuliraatho  -Poyyanava ,
OOnam ozhiyatho?
Kallam urugatho? Amma , Bhakthi ,
Kanneer  perugatho?
Vella karunayile –innnai  chiru,
Vetkai  thaviratho?
Villar kkariyavale  -Anaithilum,
Mevi iruppavale ?

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