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Neethar Perumai - Third chapter of Thirukural

Neethar Perumai ( Third chapter  of Thirukural)
Greatness  of those  who are detached/who can control

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(Valluvar talks her   about people who has given up(have controlled ) all attachments. This is very similar  to the concept of detachment to actions  recommended by Bhagwat  Gita. The importance Valluvar   attaches   to this can be guessed  because  he puts this chapter  next to prayer of God and essentiality  of rain. Valluvar first praises those people who  had given up attachment  and then goes  to describe  those  people   who are  able to control their   senses and advises  people to do this impossible thing.)

1,Ozhukathu neethar perumai , vizhupathu ,
Vendum panuval   thunivu

1.The greatness of those  who have given up ,  after,
A life of good   conduct, are praised  by books

2.Thuranthar perumai   thunai koorin   vayyathu  ,
Irantharai   yenni kondathu.

2.Measuring  greatness of those  who have  given up the world,
Is like counting  the ones born or dead  in this world till now.

3.Irumai  vakai therinthu   eendu   aram poondar  ,
Perumai   pirangithu   ulagu.

3.The fame of those who  studied  the life of householder and a sage ,
And chose to get detached is  considered greater  in earth.

4. Uran yenum thottiyaan  orainthum  kappan,
Varan yenum  vaippirkor   vithu

4. The trainer who is  able  to control  the elephant of five senses,
By the goad of firmness of mind, is like the seed  to  the land of heaven.

5.Iynthavithan  aathal   akal visumbu laar komaan,
Indirane   salum kari.

5.The power of the one controls  his five senses can be witnessed,
By Indra   the  king  of the heavens.

6.Cheyarkariya cheyvar periyar, chiriyar  ,
Cheyarkariya  cheyyalathaar

6.Great ones  are those  who do the impossible,
And those   who cannot    are  inferior ones.

7.Suvai oli  ooru osai  natham  yendru  iynthin,
Vakai   therivan katte  ulagu .

7.The world  is  under  the control  of him  ,
Who controls, taste , light , touch  sound and smell.

8.Nirai mozhi manthar  perumai  nilathu  ,
Marai  mozhi katti vidum.

8.The greatness of those humans whose talk is  wisdom filled
Is shown by  the great books (Vedas?)  that they compose.

9.gunam  yennum  kunreri  ninraar  veguli  ,
Kanameyum kathal arithu.

9.The anger of those   who have climbed the hill of  good  ,
Is difficult   to sustain   even for a  second.

10.Anthanar yenbor  Aravor , mathevyuirkkum,
Chenthanmai  poondu  ozhukalal

10.Brahmins (great people)  are followers of Dharma,
As they treat  with great mercy   all  beings  on earth.

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