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Aran Valiyuruthal -Thirukural fourth chapter

4.Aran Valiyuruthal (Thirukural    fourth  chapter)
(Emphasis on Dharma)

(Next to  the  chapter on  those  who follow  detachment  , Valluvar  writes  the chapter  on “Aram”,, which can be translated  as Dharma.This  is  the 4th chapter in the Book of Dharma (arathu pal)  and the fourth  chapter  of Tirukural. After  describing the results expected   of following  Dharma  , the great poet  tries  to probe  a defition of this Dharma  in this chapter . He concludes

Jealousy, desire, anger , hurting words,
Avoiding  all these  four is  Dharma

What a universal defibition which    can be called    as the universal definition of Dharma.!  )

Translated  by

1.Chirappu eenum  chelvamum  eenum  arathin oongu,
Aakkam   evano uyirkku

Dharma  gives   you salvation as   well as wealth,
So nothing is greater  for souls than Dharma.

2.Arathin ooungu  aakamum  illai, athanai,
Marathalin  oongillai kedu

There is no greater  wealth than Dharma,
And no greater evil than forgetting it

3.Ollum vakayaan  aravinai  ovathe  ,
Chellum   vaai  yellam cheyal.

As much as possible follow  Dharma always,
In all ther activities.

4.Manathu kan masilan aathal anaithu aran ,
Aakula  neera  pira.

Staying  without  dirt in the  heart is Dharma ,
And all others  are done for only advertaisement.

5.Azhukkaru, avaa , veguli, innachol nangum,
Izhukka iyandrathu aram

Jealousy, desire, anger , hurting words,
Avoiding  all these  four is  Dharma

6.Andrarivaam   yennathu  aram cheika mathathu,
Pondrum kal  pondraa thunai

6.Without  postponing follow Dharma and that,
Is the  only  companion  to you  when you go  from this workd.

7.Aratharu   ithu yena   vendaa, Chivikai ,
Poruthabo toornthamn idai

7.There is no need  to learn the need for Dharma,
The difference between carrier and traveler  of a Palanquin
Would teach   you about this.

8.Veezh naal  padaa amai  nandru , aathin akthu  oruvan,
Vaazh naal adaikkum kal

8.It is great  to follow Dharma ceaselessly ,
That would be  the stone preventing  sorrows  in life to us.

9.Aram thaan varuvathe   inbam  , mathu yellam,
Puratha  pugazhum il.

9.Happy life  is  following Dharma, others ,
Are  acts without  joy and fame

10.Cheyarpalathu orum  arane  oruvarkku,
Uyar palathu  orum pazhi.

10.Only doing according to  Dharma is our duty,

And what  has to be avoided  is evil acts.


ranganathank said...

Like the presentation of the great work of Valluvar.

ranganathank said...

I like the lucid presentation of the great saint Valluvar's epic Thi
rukkural, with the original Kural and
its meaning. Great work. Please keep it up.