Saturday, August 29, 2015

Proposal for another Rakhi Poonam

Proposal for another Rakhi Poonam


An old man  and woman in the  evening of their life ,
Sitting lonely  in a nook   of their big flat,
Were  not expecting any one to tie a Rakhi to them,
Though they   needed  a tie   of protection   from some one.
Their brothers  and sisters   as old as them  ,
Too were  living  in a faraway  fancy nooks ,
AS lonely and  as  insecure   as them.,
Then  the old man jumped  up high ,
Inspired   by  a brilliant   idea  great,
Said he,” Why not  another  Rakhi poonam day ,
When my  darling   children   come here ,
And tie  a  Rakhi   on these  enfeebled hands ,
And say , “ As long   as   we   are alive,
Your   security  is  our concern,”
And this old lady  with her  shivering hands,
Would make  the sweet  that she  used to cook,
And  feeding them would  say  ,

“Little ones  , have you forgotten this sweet.”

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