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Anbudamai-Eighth chapter of Thirukkural

Anbudamai-Eighth  chapter of Thirukkural
(Having love)

(I am feeling little nervous  in using the word “love”   as meaning of the word “Anbu” because love in present day Tamil Nadu means  , the liking  between opposite sexes. “Anbu” is much above that, It is a  great liking   that  does not expect  anything  in return.,Valluvar  starts with saying that love (anbu) cannot be g hidden. He says there is no selfishness  in it .He goes further expalaing the need   for love , the results of love  and concludes that a loveless body is a skeleton  which is  covered by a skin.)

1.Anbirkum undo daikkum thaazh,aarvalar.
Punkaneer poosal tharum.

1.Is there a  bolt to lock  love , for,
When the loved one is sad , tears  from our   eyes  would show it.

2.Anbilar yellam   thammukku uriyar  , Anbudayar,
Yenpu,   uriyar   pirakku.

2.All those without love  believe everything is only theirs,
But those who have love, believe even their body belongs to others.

3.Anbodiyaintha vazhakkenpa  aaruyirku  ,
Yenpodu iyaintha  thodarppu.

3. The dear soul   joins with the body  , only ,
For living with love to others.

4.Anbu   eenum  aarvam  udaimai , thu eenum,
Nanbenum naadaa chirappu.

4.Love  makes others  get attracted to us and that ,
Would give  the immeasurable  thing called friendship.

5.Anbuthamarnthar vazhakkenba  vaiyakathu  ,
Inbuthaar   yeithum   chirappu

5.Those   who live in this life  , with ties of friendship,
Would also   lead a happy life in heaven.

6.Arathirkke   anbu charppu   yenba ariyaar  ,
Marathirkkum akthe  thunai .

6.The ignorant ones would say   that  acts of Dharma ,
Follows only due to love but it also removes  acts  which are against Dharma

7.Yenbu   ilathanai   veyil pola  kayume  ,
Anbu ilathanai aram.

7.Similar to worms without bones being killed by heat of Sun,
The  God of Dharma   would trouble him who does not have love

8.Anbakathilla uyir vaazhkkai  , vapar kan,
Vatthal  maram thalirthathattu.

8.The life  of a person without love  is like,
The  dried tree in a desert  giving out new shoots.

9.Purathurpellam   yevan cheyyum  yaakkai  ,
Akathu uruppu   anbu   ilavarkku

9.What is the need   of  all limbs outside ,
For a person who  does not have love, which is within.

10.Anbin  vazhiyathu   uyir nilai , akthilarkku  ,
Yenbu thol  portha   udambu

10.Only the body with love  is a living body,
The body of others is a skeleton  covered  by skin.

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