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Makkat peru-seventh chapter of Thirukural

Makkat peru-seventh chapter  of Thirukural 
Getting birth to a child 

(Here is a remarkable  chapter  on sons and daughters and their relation to   their father. Each of the gems of the verses  would definitely bring tears  in to the eyes of any reader .First the  poet tells how great is the gift of a  children as   sorrow for seven generations would be removed  by it. Then the  poet tells us about the matchless  happiness  that  a son  or daughter  would bring to the family. Though I  have  read a lot, I have never seen anywhere  the definition  of sweetness  that a  child  brings  to his parents as done by this great poet .I wish this is read by all people  who do not know  Tamil.)

1.Perum avathul  yaamarivathillai   arivarintha,
Makkat peru  alla pira.

1.Among the things that we get  , all others,
Are not as great as  getting an intelligent  child.

2.Yezhu  pirappum  theeyavai  , theendaa pazhi pirangaa,
Panpudai   makkal perin.

2.Even in seven(series/types)  births problems   would not come near ,
To him who gets children  whose conduct  is beyond reproach.

3.THam porul  yenpatham  makkal  avar porul,
Tham tham  vinayal   varum.

3.Children are   our own wealth   and  that wealth ,
Comes due to  our Karma.

4.Amizthinum  aatha  inithe   tham makkal  .
Chiru kai  alaviya  koozh.

4.The gruel nixed by  the little hands  of our child ,
Is much  tastier  than nectar.

5,akkal mei theenda;   udarkinbam  , mathavar  ,
Chol  kettal  inbam chevilkku.

5.Touch by our children  is the pleasure  for the body,
And hearing their voice  is pleasure  to the ears.

6.Kuzhal inithu , yaazh inithu  yenbar , tham makkal ,
Mazhalai   chol  Kelathavar

6.Those who have not lisping  toungue of their babies,
Would say , the Violin is sweet   and the flute  is sweet.

7.Thanatha magarjkku  aathum nandri  , Avayatrhu  ,
Munthi iruppa cheyal.

7.The  help that  a   father  does to g his son,
Is to make him wise  so  that he  is  the leader  of any assembly.

8.THammil tham makkal arivudamai manilathu .
Mannuyirkellam inithu.

8.The  children being wiser  than us  , is the news,
That is sweet for  all beings  on earth.

9.Yeendra pozhthil   perithuvakkum    than makanai  ,
CHandron yens ketta thai  .

9.The joy of mother  hearing that  her son is great,
Is much more than the joy she  felt when he   was born.

10.Makan thanyjaikku aathum udavi , ivan thanthai,
Yen nothaan  kol yenum chol

10.The help that  can be done by a son to his father ,
Is making others say ‘What   great penance has  his father done?”

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