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Iniyavai kooral –tenth chapter of Thirukural

Iniyavai  kooral –tenth chapter  of Thirukural
(Telling sweet things)

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(IN this chapter valluvar  pleads with us to talk sweetly.  He says   that one of the important aspects of Dharma   is “Sweet words”  and  he concludes  that  , if we  use  harsh words  when sweet words are there , is like robbing  unripe fruits  from a garden with e ripe   fruits.)

1.In cholal   eeram  alai  ippa padiru ilavaam,
Chemporul  kandar vai chol.

1.Sweet words would be mixed  with love  and would be   free from deceit ,
And   are the  words  coming  from mouth of   those  who know  the truth.

2.Akan amarnthu   eethalin  nandre  mukan amarnthu  ,
In cholan aaka    perin.

2.If one has the habit of telling  sweet words   with a  pleasant  face,
It  is better than   the habit  of giving charity  with  a pleased  mind.

3.Mugathan amarnthu  inithu nokki  akathaanaam,
In chol  inithe    aram.
3.Telling sweet words   looking sweetly   with  a  happy face,
With words coming from the  mind is Dharma.

4.THunpuroom  thuvvamai  yilaakum  yaar maattum,
Inpuroom   in chol avarkku

4.Those  having capacity  to  speak sweet words  that lead to happiness ,
Wound not undergo  poverty leading  to sorrow.

5.Panivudayaan   incholan  aathal   oruvarkku ,
Aniyalla mathu pira.

5.Humility   and sweet words  add s beauty to a person,
All other  things do not contribute to his beauty.

6.Allavai theya   aram perugum, nallavai  ,
Nadi iniya cholin.

6.Suppose a person searches for the good  and tells ,
About them sweetly , evil events would get reduced
And Dharma  would grow for him,.

7.Nayan eendru   nandri payakkum   payan eendru,
Panbin   thalai piriyar chol.

7,Words  which cause  good and   which are   not  away  from sweetness,
Would cause good to those  who hear  them ,and good to those  who tell.

8.Chirumayul neengiya in chol  marumayum,
Immayum inbam tharum.

8.To the person who tells sweet words causing happiness,
And  which are  not disliked  by others ,
Would give him happiness  in this world   and in the other. chol initheendral kanpaan  , evan kolo,
Van chol  vazhanguvathu.

9.Why is it  a  person enjoying sweet words of others,
Tells   harsh words to others.

10.iniya ulavaka innatha  kooral,
Kaniyiruppa kai kavarnthattu.

10.Telling harsh words when sweet words are available,
Is like stealing   unripe fruits when ripe ones are available.

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