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Yil Vazhkai Thirukkural fifth chapter

Yil Vazhkai  Thirukkural   fifth chapter
(the life of a house holder)

  (This chapter  tells us  the need and greatness  of the life of house holder .It keeps on reiterating that  all other people   depend on the householder and if a householder lives according to Dharma, He would be much greater than one who does penance  . The Vedas, Puranas as well as Bhagwad Gita  again and again emphasise this point.  The verse8 of Chapter3 of Gita    tells us exactly the same thing.)

1.Yil vaazhvan yenban  iyalpudaya  moovarkkum,
Nallathin  nindra  thunaai.

1.The one called  householder   would be  the help,
To those  three * , in the  path of   good.
*Brahmachari, Vana Prastha  and  Sanyasi or parents , siblings and children

2.Thurantharkkum  thuvvatharkkum , irantharkkum,
Yil vaazhvan  enban thunai.

2.The householder  is the support   to the Sanyasis ,
All others   who are  living and those   who are dead.

3.Then pulathaar  deivam  virundhu okkal   thaan  yendru aangu,
Iym pulathu   ombal thalai.

3.Householder has   the duty  of  taking   care   of the five  ,
Viz, dead ancestors  , God  , guests , relatives   and his own self.

4.Pazhiyanji paathoon  udaithayin  vaazhkkai  ,
Vazhiyenjal  yenjandrum yil.

4.Getting  scared for bad name  and earn wealth  and live sharing it,
And then his  foot steps   would be there for ever.

5.Anbum   aranum udaithayin  yil vaazhkkai,
Panpum payanum  athu

5.If love  and   Dharma  dominate the life of householder ,
His life  would be cultured  and useful.

6.Aranthathin yil vaakjkai  aathin puranthathil,
Pooy  peruvathu   yevan?

6. If householder leads  his life  as per  Dharma,
What   extra  would he get by renunciation  ,

7.Iyambinaan  yil vaazhkkai   vaazhpavan   yenpan,
Muyalvarul   yellam thalai.

7.A householder leading  his life  according to Dharma ,
Is the greatest  among all those who try  various ways.

8.AAthin ozhukki  aran  yizhukka  yil vaazhkkai,
Norparin   nonmai   udaithu.

8.The householder  who supports and helps maintain ,
All those  who do penance and leas his life  properly,
Would become more  famous  than those  who do penance

9.Aran yena pattathe   yil vaazhkkai   akthum  ,
Piran pazhippathu   yil aayin  nandru.

9.Dharma is only  life of householder and life of renunciation,
If done   without  others  blaming it  , also is good.

10.Vayyathul  vaazhvangu  vaazhpavan  , vaan urayum,
DEivathul vaikka padum.

10.He   who leads life of householder properly in this world,
Would be considered  equal to Devas  in heaven.

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