Saturday, August 29, 2015

Give me back, Oh God -A tamil poem by Chennai Pithan

Give me back, Oh God  -A tamil poem by  Chennai  Pithan

Translated by

(I was charmed by this poem and the great author graciously   gave me permission .Thanks  to that  great poet)

Give me back , Oh God,
All that I have lost  ,
God asked , “which all have you lost?”
“Several , beyond count  , is it ever , possible to list them all,
I lost my youth due to change of time  m
I lost my prettiness   , due to change of form,
I lost my health  , due to change  of age ,
Which all shall I list, when you ask me , Oh  god
Give me back , oh  God, all that I have lost ” Said I.
That God  broke  in to a pretty laugh ,
“You learnt, you lost your ignorance,
You worked , you lost your poverty  ,
You were friendly, you lost your enemies,
There are  several more that I can list,
Shall I” the God asked  “return them all  “,
I was perplexed, I realized the other  face of my loss ,
I understood   that the loss and gain  were  only the two faces,
I became clear  and God disappeared.

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