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Mother mine by DR.A.P.J.Kalam

Mother  mine

DR.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

Translated  by

(Here is a poem written  by Our  DR.Kalam about his mother.The pathos in the poem would  definitely bring tears  in every one’s eyes.  This great poem in Tamil was sung by  Kalimamani P.Unnikrishnan , set to soul stirring tune by Sri Rangaswamy Parthasarathy. You can read   about this phase  of DR.Kalam’s child hood   and an abbreviated  version (done by himself)  of this great poem in Then  please do hear the song drenched in tears of Sri P.Unnikrishnan  in . Do not forget   to shed a  drop  of tear   in memory of that   great lady  who was   the mother  of this great man. God would certainly  bless you .My translation  only carries the meaning but not the dripping  emotion of the poem.)

Oh mother, Oh Mother, Oh mother mine,
Oh mother, Oh Mother , Oh mother mine

1.Oh mother your form  is   the one  that merged  with the faith of  holy pilgrims.
Which  is like   the  tides  of sea lashing  on the sand,
And then you were    living in the street of the  mosque  in Rameswaram  (Oh mother..)

2.You extended  the hand of the   support  of heaven to me  ,
And the  memory of the days of  world war   come to my mind,
And it was time of  eruption and boiling   when life was  indeed a challenge.(Oh mother..)

3.Many hours before    the sun rose  at dawn ,
I had to wake up and walk   a very long way ,
To   learn  about God from   the  teacher  of wisdom,
Who used to live  near   the temple and  then again,
I had  to   start go the traditional school  .(Oh mother..)

5,Climbing  up and down   on the several  hills of sand,
I had to go to the railway station  to  carry and walk back
With the news paper bundles which  I had to  distribute ,
To the  people   who were living    temple city  ,
And then only  I could  afford go to the school mine.(oh mother..)

6 In the evening before  going to bed at night  ,
I had to attend to the business  along   with my father,
And oh mother    all those  pains of the little boy ,
Were  cured  by you   with your nature  that was greatly soft.(Oh mother..)

7.You saluted   that God  who had ability  to do everything  ,
Five times daily   and  through it   gave strength to your children.  (Oh mother..)

8.Shared  you,    whatever you had   with the poor people all around you,
For  you were  one who  was a giver always ,
And you gave everything bundled  with  the belief that  you had in God. (oh mother..)

9. I   remember well,  what  happened   when I was  ten years old  ,
One full moon day , when a dove which took   birth in front  me was killed.
I was  lying down on your lap   closing my eyes,
For Oh mother   you only knew   the world that was mine, (Oh mother..)

10.In the mid night  made wet by your tears which fell on me , I woke up,
Oh mother  , only you knew   the pain of your son,
And your  hands which were concerned , made my pain lighter ,
And your love , concern  and  belief gave  me  this  great strength.(Oh mother…)

11,Oh mother using what you gave    I faced  this world without fear ,
And oh mother   we will again meet   on that great day of Judgment before the God.

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