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Chei nandri arithal-Eleventh chapter of Thirukural

Chei nandri  arithal-Eleventh chapter  of Thirukural
(Gratefulness  for help done.)

(Valluvar  considers   showing gratitude   as a very important duty of a person. The people  who had helped   you without  your  having helped    them earlier  are considered “Simply great”.  He again puts    as greater    the help done when you need it.He further tells  that if a  person does a help    and later troubles you , you should forget about the trouble   and show  gratitude  to that person..What a great concept   and what a great poet.)

1.Cheyyamar cheitha  udavikku  , vaiyakamum ,
Vanakamum aathal   arithu.

1.To the  help done by a person  without your  doing a help to him,
Even this world and the heavens  would not be adequate  compensation.

2.Kalathinaal cheitha nandri , chirithu yeninum,
Jnalathin mana pperithu.

2.The help done at proper time  to another  even if is   small,
Is much bigger   than this  world.

3.Payan thookkar cheitha udhavi  nayan thookin,
Nanmai   kadalir perithu.

3.The help done   without bothering   for any return,
If  valued ,  would be much bigger   than the  ocean.

4.Thinaithunai   nandri   cheyinum  panai  thunaya,
Kolvar payan therivar

4.Though one does help  as small as a  grain,
Those  who are knowledgeable   would take  it equal to a palm tree.

5. Udhavi varaithandru   udhavu  , Udhavi ,
Cheyya pattar   chalpin  varainthu.

5. Help is not measured  by help done  but by  ,
The suitability  of one   who received it.

6,Maravarkka  masathaar kenmai , thuravarkka,
THunbathul  thuppayaar  natpu.

6.Do not forget the friendship of the untainted ones,
And do not k leave  the friendship of those  who helped you  when you were sad.

7.Yezhumai  yezhu pirappum , ulluvar thangan,
Vizhumam   thudaithavar  natpu.

7.The Friendship of those   who helped  in times  of sorrow  ,
 Would not be forgotten for seven births  by good people.

8,Nandri marappathu  nandrandru, Nandrallathu  ,
Andre  marappathu  nandru.

8.It  is not proper to forget  gratefulness, but it is better,
To forget immediately  the ills   done by others.

9.Kondranna inna cheyinum , avar cheitha,
Ondru nandru  ulla kedum.

9.If after  doing a help , he   does  bad acts ,
Equivalent   to killing , better  think of the help  and forget  the bad act.

10.Yennandri kondararkkum  uyvundam  , Uyvilllai,
Chei nandri  kondra makarkku.

10.There  is an escape   for  all  the people  who destroyed good acts ,
Bu there is no escape  for those   who have killed  gratitude.

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